AboutUs hosts a wiki with articles about every other site on the internet. The founders loved domain names and loved wiki. There must be a connection.

Presidential Scraper automated the comparative reporting of the candidates use of the internet.

Funnel Model showed how growth would proceed and find its natural limits.

Claims collected and rendered in SVG with clickable browsing.

Contiguous USA rendered in Graphviz.

Niayh Countdown for the launch of a colleague's first record album.

TweetSpeak reads twitter for you when you're too busy yourself.

XML Import in Ruby where I found and cleared many semantic difficulties with a huge dataset.

Click-Browsing Micro-Summaries as a way to skip through possibly related sites from the millions for which we had short summaries.

Dot Wiki Simulator modeled a mobile-friendly dialect of wiki.

Exploratory Parsing to discover and then harvest content from semi-structured text.