Brainstorm Interview

Portland Monthly and OMSI collaborated together to create BRAINSTORM, a joint effort in showcasing Oregon's top 12 innovators. site

VIMEO 29495670 Published Sept 23, 2011.

VIMEO 28392981 Published 2011. video video

This video interview took place in my shop where I explained many small projects notice others in the background.

Featured - Rotating iSight Camera - Model Airplane in Flight Motion - Choreographed Flag Robot at rest

Closeups - Tiger Desklamp from Oregon Zoo - WorldStreet Coffee Mug from client - Another Desklamp - Atmel development board with blinking wifi hub - Battery pack and printer ink - Stray plastic spring clamp - Rick & Ward Dial-a-Door

Background - Photobot Robot - Dancing CEO Robot - Codosome Hexis Flashlight Controlled Artwork - Spinometer


Annette von Jouanne: Electrical engineer and professor at Oregon State University studying wave patterns

Ward Cunningham: Principal engineer and founder of Wiki

Eric Dishman: Director of health innovation and policy at Intel. Creator of the "Connect"

Naomi Pomeroy: Chef and owner of BEAST

Larry Sherman: Head of the Sherman Research Center at OHSU’s Oregon National Primate Research Center

Iain Tait: Wieden & Kennedy global interactive executive and creative director

Lorrie Vogel: General manager at Nike Considered Design

Doug Tunnell: Owner of Brick House Vineyards

Craig Bramscher: Developer of battery-powered vehicles

Joe Sacco: Cartoonist/journalist

Mia Birk: Cofounder of Alta Planning & Design

Jean Auel: Novelist