Exploring Federated Wiki

I'm writing these pages for two reasons.

I value the memories.

I once set out to make a list of all the programs I had ever written. This was more fun than I would have initially thought. But, the text editor I chose forced me to cast my textured memories into a strictly linear form. It became a chore. I lost the list.

I was recently interviewed by the Computer History Museum with respect to how I became me and especially how I came to write wiki. They were interested in my list. Time to try again.

I need the experience.

If I'm to have any insight into the behavior of this new wiki I must trust it to manage my own work.

A small region of the Graphviz map of this site. svg

The emergent nature of my own memory provides a sequence of discoveries to be documented and enlarged over time. This is close enough to real discovery to appropriately exercise wiki nature.

Additional realism comes from not wanting to mess this work up. Anyone writing in public wants to be seen in a good light.

On production methods.

I once authored these pages on a private instance of federated wiki running on my laptop. This has the environment always with me.

I occasionally published updates to the public version of this site. I mount the remote server as a file share then drag the local pages folder to the remote location. Done.

# push pages to public server cd ~/.wiki/code.localhost/pages/ echo `ls | wc -l` pages ... scp -p * fed.wiki.org:farm/code.fed.wiki.org/pages echo 'done'

As this site got larger I've switched to rsync.

rsync -avz ~/.wiki/code.localhost/pages fed.wiki.org:farm/code.fed.wiki.org/

Note to self: when you upgrade, add flushing the stitemaps to your release procedure.

I denied any logins to the public site, even by me, by tampering with status/open_id.identity. This prevents accidental merge situations federated wiki doesn't yet handle.

In a better world I would author in browser local storage or on the live site depending on what was conveniently available. Sync could be automatic or dependent on my approval for publication.

I abandoned this mode of authoring out of convenience when I relocated the site to another host.

Track my progress.

You can see what I have written here recently. If you visit other sites of mine you will see here how this writing has been stimulated by my day to day work.

I've written a program that reads these pages and draws a graph of the more heavily linked of them. svg

Compute my productivity.

We might ask, over a lifetime, how often do I create a memorable program?

Thinking in both months and years.

12 (months) per (year)

From years and pages I can estimate months per program for those I remember.

1966 Started Programming (year) 2014 Still Programming Now (year) CALC Now - Started SUM Elapsed Time Programming (months) 240 Pages in Portfolio (program) RATIO Observed Interval

How complete is this project? If I actually produced one program a month I'll compare that to my documented average to find the percent done, almost half.

.5 Best Guess (months / program) Observed Interval RATIO Percent Complete