File Metadata

Search output groups files with the same name so that newer or more convenient copies are easily recognized.

I recursively traverse the file system of most of my computers to produce a list of names, dates, size and path in a standard format. I collect these on where I query them for lost or duplicated files.

Frequently used machines update regularly. Rarely used machines are well served by records months or years old.

data/au.txt -- updated 15 hours ago data/bk.txt -- updated 5 years ago data/c2.txt -- updated 12 hours ago data/cg.txt -- updated 11 months ago data/ef.txt -- updated 17 hours ago data/gb.txt -- updated 9 years ago data/jd.txt -- updated 15 hours ago data/ms.txt -- updated 10 years ago data/vn.txt -- updated 9 years ago

Additional scripts count files by month and year. Links in this list drill down to counts by day and week. Further drill shows files for a single day.