Home Computing

I've always had some kind of computer at home, first dial-up, then some stand-alone computer. Programming at home has always been for fun.

Dial-Up Unix to Tektronix with a Wintek video terminal.

PB-1 designed by Paul Barina and built by Lee Jalovec and Wayne Downer. Ran UCSD Pascal off of floppy disks.

Macintosh first a 512 and then many more. Programming HyperCard and CocoaWorlds, both now extinct.

Commodore 64 purchased as a gift for Karen's folks.

Basic Stamp a gift from Rick Wartzok for play with my kids.

Atmel AVR Tiny12 encouraged by my brother to keep my kids away from basic.

Arduino projects to show-off at Dorkbot and elsewhere.

Teensy computers made by Paul Stoffregen.

Radio Related Software written mostly for fun off and on my whole life.

Harry Porter's Relay Computer simulated with perl pattern matches and goto statements.

Quartz Composer interactive graphics created by wiring components.

CoffeeScript experiments unrelated to work.

3D Printing of computed objects