Presidential Platform

A few elections ago a fellow I knew put up a web site with his own platform as if he were running for president. Of course some of his ideas were outside the reach of the office. But who cares? It was fun. Here is my version. Were I to run for president, this would be my platform. wiki

● The combination of an aging population and a blossoming of biotechnology means that we will spend more on health care. My administration will accept the responsibility for the basic health of all citizens while supporting medical and biological research and fostering an entrepreneurial environment for advances in diagnosis and treatment.

● The relentless growth in population and corresponding consumption of resources means less for everyone, even us. My administration will attack the consumption spiral by redefining want. We will start by replacing the advertising industry with an information industry, first by nationalizing Google, and then by rewriting trademark, copyright and patent law to favor distribution of that which is easily duplicated, and conservation of that which is not.

● The complexity of subjects and diversity of students renders any notion of uniform testing foolish. My administration will make testing and grading an extracurricular activity like sports or debate and thereby relieve public school teachers of their most unproductive daytime burden. If employers want a unidimensional metric for hiring, let them pay for it themselves. If the smart kids want to compete for validictorian, let their parents form a booster club and host bake sales to pay for the examinations.

● In order to increase access to our elected representatives, and to decrease access of same by assorted lobbys, I would require that all floor speeches given and all votes cast be done so electronically by the member from his home soil, preferably from a library, union hall or city club.

● As commander in chief I will bring the troops home and send the citizens over seas. Every American will be eligible for a four week sabbatical so long as they complete two weeks of night classes on the culture they will visit before going, attend another two weeks of cultural immersion while abroad, and fly on an American airline when they go.

More platform planks on immigration, environment, etc., to follow. No comments please, run your own campaign.


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