Saving HyperCard Stacks

I have seen a very good mac simulator that runs on current generation hardware. I've had at various times all of the pieces necessary to read and run my old stacks. I haven't actually done it yet but I'm hoping.


Macintosh Simulator. I had this running once and found it quite good though I only had the system disk image mounted.

HyperCard System Disk with an appropriately early release of the system. There was a help disk too, but that isn't strictly necessary.

Stacks on Disks for each of my own programs. Most of these were organized in a disk cabinet which I still have in the basement.

3-1/4 Inch Disk Drive to read my own stacks on a working, network connected machine. I have several machines but haven't booted them and don't remember how we use to do networking.

Disk Imaging Software that is compatible with the simulator. I'm told that pack-it would be the preferred program but that was just a guess.