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As staff members of the Eclipse Foundation, we faced the challenge of automating many of our manual workflows while minimizing the cost of doing so.

Having seen similar efforts fail, we chose a new design point that we believed would entice more of our stakeholders to participate. We wrote a paper about that design point and its success-to-date.

See the full paper presented at PNSQC 2007.

An exceptional feature of swim is that the results were presented as swim-lane diagrams. We made these diagrams available from within the Eclipse Portal itself.

Even more exceptional, the swim-lane diagrams were regenerated on the spot by rerunning the relevant tests against the system as currently deployed. This is documentation that can't go out of date.

In the name of full organizational transparency the full complement of test cases are available without login from the committer portal front page.

Our first and most fully developed test case works through the long-running business process of electing a new committer.