WikiBase hosted my public version of wiki, the script behind WikiWikiWeb. I had always imagined that I'd distribute the script as open source. I was largely unaware as to how this was routinely done so I made up my own system. I was also careless regarding licensing choosing to write only a few sentences regarding intent in script comments. wikibase

The program begins with a page describing the first few lines of the script. From this page all other script fragments can be reached by a depth-first traversal. wikibase

A straight perl version of the script is returned by the HyperPerl translator, hp.cgi, when given the root page of the hypertext version as an argument. wikibase

I'm told that literate programming systems are only ever used by the systems author. Mine was no exception. The translated output in straight perl became the root of a several generations of scripts leading up to that first used by Wikipedia. This while the hypertext version languished.