Wyatt Ride Guide

The symbolic view of the Ride Guide showed mostly roads rendered so as to suggest grade.

I often rode my bike over lunch while I worked for Wyatt Software. I wrote this HyperCard stack as an experiment in geographic representation. It traces the first few miles of my regular 18 mile route.

I was also riding regularly with the Portland Wheelmen and learned a lot of countryside from their maps. Here I was experimenting to see if I could make a better route map. I figured that you had to see past the horizon to really grok the route.

The View from 9th Avenue. Steinberg New Yorker Cover inspired my intentional distortion.

A series of photographs wouldn't work. So I drew a half dozen route sketches that looked beyond the line of sight, kinda like the New Yorker's view of the country that shows the Hudson river as about half way to California.

Roads were drawn to suggest grades. My ride was full of rolling hills. None were too high but they gave the ride its character.

Significant landmarks would show in ghostly outline with clarifying titles.

The arrows are buttons that advance through the stack. They also cue changes of direction and offer an occasional choice of route.