Eclipse Foundation

I helped found the Portland office where Bjorn Freeman-Benson and I would focus on the developer community side of Eclipse.

The foundation press release announces my arrival. My first day was actually during an OOPSLA conference. I was told that Microsoft would march departing employees to the door immediately. Instead I worked two more weeks which made the transition timing awkward.

Commits Explorer allowed one to slice and dice the whole Eclipse commit history as a data cube.

Eclipse Monkey integrated Mozilla's Rino javascript engine with the Eclipse IDE hoping to make a Grease Monkey equivalent.

Wikitect collaborative system documentation.

Eclipse Portal with its unique approach to business-process testing.

Swim test case visualization system used to develop and then document the Eclipse Portal.

Beer Tickets manufactured with social attributes as an incentive for socializing at Eclipsecon.

Survey Stats parsed, collected and visualized so as to provide the best feedback for future conferences.