Federated Wiki

Federated Wiki was founded as Smallest Federated Wiki at the Indie Web Camp and then slightly retargeted to Nike's open data sharing needs.

I developed a strong sense for D3 Visualizations building scatter and radar charts along with copying over line and bar charts.

I retrieved the Expense Calculator I'd written years ago and used it as a model for more advanced calculation markup that would compute with object values as I had later done at Wyatt Software.

In one year we've converted vague notions of a new wiki into a working software platform with sufficient plugins to meet a demanding open-data application. Here we reflect on this experience from a software development perspective.


With the enhancement of the Frame plugin wiki has become my preferred coding and delivery environment. I can only highlight pages that are memorable but not in active development.

Race of Influence this agent-based simulation of the infectious spread of disinformation was built as an artifact in a DiG inquiry.