New Relic

This company instruments web servers with probe software that reports important events and routine measurements to a cloud-based temporal memory. Site operators can view current and historical performance graphs. This sure sounds like a modern oscilloscope.

Pegasm parser generator constructed using the Java ASM bytecode abstraction.

Web Traffic visualized in d3.js as bubbles moving across the screen avoiding each other as they mark the progress of each transaction.

Pattern-Oriented Instrumentation is a domain-specific language for placing probes in running java servers.

Resolvatron is a platform for resolving a specific class of customer database issues.

Personatron models people interacting with business information systems.

Rubytron interprets payloads describing complex microservice transactions so as to create a test signal.

Leveraged Activities mined from my colleagues and expressed as tips for formative experiences.

Rubific strongly-typed and cast-free subset of Ruby implemented Java for string interpolations.

Electrodex turned an awkward shell script into a serviceable desktop application using Electron.

Volume Insert Filtering to accommodate slow database inserts by removing duplicates with a Bloom filter.

El Dorado joins data from various contexts and provides a query recommender for navigation.

Elevator Simulator Revisited as a showcase in discrete event simulation in ruby.

Code Quiz to test ones familiarity with our sprawling codebase.

Async Elevator Simulator discrete event simulation in javascript using async and await for scheduling.

Dashboard Selector summarizes features used and related properties from instrumentation dashboards.

Metadata Editor collects metadata from engineering drawings maintained by teams.