Cunningham & Cunningham

When I wasn't on-site with clients, I worked in my Multnomah Village office usually exploring the emerging web or using it to promote my emerging community.

I had two PC's one running Windows 98, the other FreeBSD and then later Linux. I ran ThinNet around the office and had a continuous 14.4 modem connection through Rainet then eventually DSL through EasyStreet.

When I started doing more work on OS X laptops I found working at home more comfortable. I eventually closed the office moving to a co-location at Spire Technology in Goose Hollow.

WikiWikiWeb supported the communities devoted to software patterns, general design and then extreme programming.

Portland Webcam History captured and curated the best shots from Pittock mansion.

Webcam Sky Survey captured and visualized small sky samples from webcams around the world.

Load Check automates the denial of sites crushing my http/wiki server.

WikiBase translation of the original wiki script as a hypertext intended to be a parameterized script generator.

HyperPerl translator/generator would create a normal perl program from any suitable starting point in a wiki hypertext.

Indelible Signatures extracted function by function, show lineage of source code from parts not easily substituted.

Radio Network Simulator translated to Java on a three-hour train ride from Seattle when I was consulting for Vulcan.

Test Point desktop application debugging using a simple web server and all dynamic content.

Bowling Score Spiked using text substitutions to do sums and propagate bonuses.

Magnetic Ribbon visualizes the chaotic motion of a pendulum swinging over a bumpy landscape.

Email Metadata scraped over time and made searchable.

File Metadata accumulated over many machines over time, tabulated and searchable.

FIT functional testing framework in java and other languages.

Built for Life Numbers provide a persistent record of decisions, good and bad.

PDP-8 Simulator Explained by extracting patterns and rendering them as hypertext annotations.

NSD Editor Restored for browsing a personally significant program from the web.

Time-Lapse Auralization of Ocean Waves from buoy data.

Sudokant the sudoku servant implemented in perl cgi.