I accepted the one-year position as Nike's open-data fellow. My proper title was "Code for a Better World Fellow" and was modeled on "Code for America Fellows" which was the inspiration for the position.

Federated Wiki was founded as Smallest Federated Wiki at the Indie Web Camp and then slightly retargeted to Nike's open data sharing needs.

Pushpin Maps used D3's force layout over regional maps to visualize evolving factory clusters at the scale of continents even when the geocodes have factories within blocks.

Wikiduino Server remotely monitored soil temperature in the Nike community garden and then reported it through a wifi linkup that ran for five minutes on the hour to save battery.

Static Sensor Site refreshed from aggregated data at five minute intervals.

Pattern Efficiency uses the phone's camera as a instrument. This hackathon project struggled reading pixels from an image.

Excel Parslets used this small implementation of PEG to read, parse, and then render excel formulas as Graphviz data-flow diagrams.