Coding Portfolio

A list of programs I've written and now recall. There are lots, organized first by where I was.

20% named and 15% documented. Even at this low penetration, there are some good reads here.

The programs I remember the most have always been created in a social or service context.

Acquiring Mastery

As a student, my programs were not complete until I had shown them to my friends.

Tektronix 1977-1987

Home Computing 1977 - Present

Sharing the Knowledge

Work for hire established bounds. But I always felt entitled to create outside of them when it served the greater goals of a project.

Wyatt Software 1987-1990

Unix Administration 1994-Present

Distinguished Positions

I continue to code. My reputation opens doors but my chosen medium, programming, confuses those who invite me in.

Microsoft 2003-2005

AboutUs 2007-2011

Citizen Global 2011-2013

Nike 2011-2012

New Relic 2013-2022

Federated Wiki 2011-Present

# Interviews

Brainstorm Interview with video showing off projects.

Gadget Basement video interview by Scott Hanselman.


I've been touched in some way by every programming language I've learned including some quirky ones like APL and Lisp. I carry in my fingertips basic idioms drawn from daily use of Pascal, Smalltalk and Javascript in each era of my programming life.

My first jobs were in newspaper photography, pizza delivery, steel mill labor, and air-conditioning repair.

Lasting Technology I've turned to over and over.

Presidential Platform which dates back to the Reagan era or before.